• margie ferrantegennaro Avatar
    margie ferrantegennaro

    I have been an on again off again patient of Dr. Hoffman since 1989. She has always been an awesome support! Her partner Dr. Jamie (as I call her) is an amazing smart energetic lady! I love how the two of them work so well as a team! I would highly recommend both of them!


    4 years ago
  • Julie Laney Avatar
    Julie Laney

    I recommend Hoffman Chiropractic Center to all of my friends who are in need of chiropractic care. It's worth the drive from the north side of Wesley Chapel to see the people here. It is a positive experience practically every time I have visited. I've been a patient for 15 years.

    4 years ago
  • Lauren Lindhout Avatar
    Lauren Lindhout

    Me and my mother have been going to Dr. Hoffman for as long as I can remember (10+ years) and she and her staff are truly exceptional. Never had a bad experience and recommend her office to everyone! I am very happy with her practice and will continue to go to her and only her for as long as they are open!

    -- LAUREN L

    4 years ago
  • Russell M Avatar
    Russell M

    Drs Hoffman, Brimm and staff are great. As a long time patient with severe scoliosis, they have continued to help with my spine and pain management and I highly recommend them!

    3 years ago
  • Dale Willets Avatar
    Dale Willets

    I have known Doctor Hoffman for 30 some years and she is one of the few that really care

    When you tell her you're problems she actually listens and addresses them with the best solution available to her. You can count on her being honest and friendly

    3 years ago