Lower back pain is the number one musculoskeletal complaint that takes people to see their doctor. It is estimated that approximately 80% of the American population will be temporarily debilitated with lower back pain at least once in their lifetime. Once a person has at least three such episodes, they are now 10 times more likely than an average person to suffer another one. Many people get over these episodes within six weeks no matter what they do. However, chiropractic care has been shown again and again in numerous government studies throughout the world to help people recover faster.

Why is this important? The longer a person is down and nonfunctioning, the more atrophy that takes place in the back muscles. Every day of bed rest will take one week recuperation to recovery strength on average. If you are in a hospital for three days, they take you out in a wheelchair to the curb. Why? They don’t want the liability of you falling down. We now know that when we have an injury to a muscle, joint, ligament, or tendon that we have to do extraordinary activities to help it recover. We cannot simply go back to our everyday activities to make a full and complete recovery. We have to do more … much more.

There are numerous studies that compare the use of manipulation, physical therapy, traction, electrical therapy, modalities, and exercises for the treatment of back pain. Most of these studies compare one modality to another, i.e., manipulation versus medicine, electrotherapy versus medicine, etc. It is our experience that the appropriate application, sequencing and timing of multiple modalities will render a far superior and longer-lasting result than the use of any one single modality for the treatment of back pain. The use of these specific modalities, and the sequencing of the specific treatments of manipulation, electrical therapy and/or traction and/or exercises are all potentially important. Our 35 plus years of experience help us design a treatment plan best suited for you.

There are many considerations for the treatment of back pain including proper hydration, proper mineral intake, alkaline/acid balance, excess sugar intake, appropriate and inappropriate fatty acid intake, posture, flexibility, strength, muscle balance, sleeping patterns and habits, sitting, and work positions (ergonomics) just to name a few. Our methodology not only helps give rapid symptomatic relief, but is designed to help correct and prevent further episodes and return the patient to pre-injury status.

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