There are literally hundreds of different diets that will cause a person to shed pounds; however, there are only a few that will maintain lean mass and only burn fat. Adequate protein intake is necessary when reducing caloric intake to maintain lean mass. If we cut our calorie intake by half, we will lose weight. However, if our protein is not adequate, we will not only burn fat but we will lose lean muscle mass as well. Our muscle mass or lean mass determines our caloric burn.

What does this mean? Here’s how this works: Let’s take a very fit individual man who is 5’10” and weighs 200 pounds. His body fat is 10%; that means his lean mass is 180 pounds. That means that he can consume around 2500 calories a day without exercising and not put on fat. Now, let’s take another man who is 5’10”, weights 200 pounds, and his body fat is 35%. That means his lean mass is only 130 pounds. His caloric intake has to be much less than the other man’s or he will get even fatter. If we take the second man with the 35% body fat and he cuts his caloric intake in half without regard to protein, he will lose weight, but unfortunately, if he loses 20 pounds, 15 pounds of it may be fat and 5 pounds may be lean mass. Now he weighs 180 pounds and his lean mass has dropped to 125 pounds. Now, it takes even less calories before it goes to fat. This is the problem with people yo-yoing on these diets and returning to their weight only being proportionally fatter and making it more and more difficult to lose weight.

To lose weight and maintain lean mass, we must eat purposefully and balanced for a period of time. Just as we’ve been eating imbalanced — too many of the wrong kinds of foods that cause us to be fat — we now have to eat in balance to only burn fat and maintain lean mass.

There is new research out that suggests that our overabundance has caused insulin-resistance and lepton residence. In other words, our bodies are no longer getting the signals to stop eating. Appropriate supplementation will renew these receptor sites associated with these hormones and restore normal function. This is a big breakthrough in weight loss.

As I said before, there are a thousand ways to lose weight temporarily but very few that address the four major metabolic complications that prevents long-term weight loss. These four metabolic complications are leptin resistance, insulin resistance, adrenal/glycogen metabolism problems, and decreased metabolic rate. These metabolic complications occur because of a number of factors. Some of these factors are over-consumption of sugar, especially corn syrup; excess consumption of unhealthy fats; food allergies, especially gluten and casein; lack of sleep; excess environmental toxins; medications; iodine deficiency; and just the habitual over-consumption of calories.

Now we have a patented weight loss program that addresses these four major metabolic complications by the consumption of five special supplements. Those supplements are Max Performance, Max Metabolism, Max Sea, Slimming Factors, and Craving Factors. Max Performance is a blend of three types of Cordyceps mushrooms and helps increase oxygen utilization into the cells by up to 40%. Max Metabolism is a very powerful combination of nutrients to help melt fat. It contains over 77 microminerals. One of the key ingredients also is Siberian Golden Root from Russia. Craving Factors is a specially formulated type of calcium and other nutrients that helps neutralize food and drug cravings and burn fat. It is based on 20 years of research of Stephen Levine. Thin Factors contains the leaves of the Bauhinia Forficata, which has been shown to increase the effectiveness of leptin, a hormone that tells the hypothalamus (which is the appetite center of the brain) to stop right there when eating. Max Sea contains a balance of iodine and iodide in a Mozuko kelp extract. Iodine deficiencies contribute to chronic thyroid deficiency, which is common in our society. This supplements helps increase a sluggish metabolism.

This combination of patented supplements works on the biochemistry of burning fat from the body. This combination of patented supplements and diet modification correct the underlying metabolic problems allowing for long-term and maintenance results.

Other factors are food/environmental allergies/sensitivities and genetic and hormonal factors. See our Allergies Section and MRT Testing Section and Genetic Testing Section and Bio-Identical Natural Hormone Section for additional information.