Finally, an effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy!

Infrared light therapy is a non-invasive painless modality that effectively treats diabetic neuropathy and other neuropathies. Studies indicate that infrared light therapy is effective in helping produce or restore a normal sensory threshold back to the feet of neuropathy patients within 30 days to 60 days or more, depending upon the severity. We couple the treatment with synaptic electrotherapy and specific nutritional supplementation for best results!

Don’t let the pain and numbness of peripheral neuropathy rob you of a normal life.

As you may have experienced, neuropathy is often painful and can put limits on your life. Put simply, peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage resulting from impaired microscopic blood flow to nerves in the feet, legs and hands. Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes, but may also be caused by circulatory problems, medications that are prescribed for elevated cholesterol, statin drugs and medications for acid reflux or GERD,, chemotherapy, alcohol, AIDS, heavy metal poisoning, lumbar or cervical stenosis, and other causes.

Each month, thousands of people with neuropathy are getting relief from their foot and leg pain.

Our clinically proven program may also reduce the discomfort of neuropathy and help our patients recapture the life they once enjoyed. More than 2000 patients have benefitted from this treatment.

What is our approach to caring for those with neuropathy? We begin with an individual assessment of the functional difficulties you are experiencing. We ask you how you would like to improve, and then we design a specialized therapy program to help you reach your personal goals.

Why do we use Infrared light therapy as part of our comprehensive therapy program? Infrared light therapy emits infrared photo energy to increase circulation and temporarily reduce pain in the area where it is applied. It has been designed to maximize the effectiveness of infrared photo energy by using highly efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed in direct skin contact. The above medical images show just how substantial these increases in circulation can be in the feet of a patient with diabetic neuropathy.

What should you expect from our program? Most patients say that Infrared Light Therapy feels warm and soothing. Others say they feel some tingling and pulsing. This is normal as blood flow returns to the area. Some patients respond very quickly in our comprehensive program, while others take longer based on their degree of impairment. We will work with you as long as you are willing and as long as we can continue to show that your condition is improving.

Are there any side effects? No side effects have been reported as long as Infrared Light Therapy is properly used and monitored. If you have diabetes, check your blood sugars often during any change in therapy or activity. Always follow the directions of your doctor or therapist when using Infrared Light Therapy.

Will my pain be reduced? Pain is often the first symptom to improve in our program, while functional improvements may take a little longer. While not every patient experiences pain relief, the vast majority do.

Is this therapy for you? Our comprehensive therapy protocols that include Infrared Light Therapy are not for everyone. If you are pregnant or have an active cancer, there are special considerations when using this therapy. Ask your doctor if this program is right for you.

Will I need ongoing treatment? Your doctor may recommend home exercises and neutraceuticals to help you continue to improve. They may also suggest continued use of Infrared Light Therapy at home for ongoing pain relief and to help you maintain your circulation.

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