What should I eat? Should I eat a high protein diet? Should I eat a low fat diet? Should I eat a high carbohydrate diet? Should I take vitamins and minerals? What supplements should I take? Nutrition can be confusing. It seems like you can easily find two so-called experts giving you the exact opposite advice.

We try to simplify things for you utilizing whole food recommendations, as well as food supplements and nutraceuticals. Our focus is on your well-being, health, and longevity.

What we eat and what we drink are two of the six essentials of life. The others being how we exercise, how we rest, what we breathe, and what we think. We try to take a big picture approach to prevention of the ailments that will reduce your quality and length of life. Cancer and heart disease will claim 75% of us prematurely. If we can significantly reduce our risk for these problems, we will live longer and with higher vitality.

Research suggests our individual genetics influences the types of foods that are best for us and the types of foods we should avoid for optimum health, body weight, energy, and longevity. This helps explain why one person gets great results losing weight on a certain diet and another person may actually gain weight on the same foods. There is also evidence that our bodies function better with more alkalizing foods such as vegetables and fruits.

A new methodology developed at Stanford University is now available by checking our DNA from a saliva specimen. This genetic testing data can be used to develop specific diets for our optimum health. This information tells us what foods to avoid, what foods to eat, what nutrients we need to take based on our specific genotypes.

New information on diet and nutrition and the development of new food supplements and nutraceuticals (nutritional formulas that have a pharmacological effect on the body) are occurring at exponential rates. If you have specific questions about nutrition, contact Dr. Miller. Call 813-985-1322. Serving Temple Terrace, north Hillsborough County, and the greater Tampa Bay area.

This service is provided through Hoffman Clinic for Optimal Health.

Kelly Miller, DC NMD FASA FBAARM CFDMP*, is a physician for Hoffman Clinic for Optimal Health.

*There is currently no licensure for Naturopathic physicians (NMD) in the state of Florida and the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine does not currently recognize the credentialing of the Fellowship from the Brazil-American Academy for Aging and Regenerative Medicine (FBAARM), or the Certification in Functional Diagnostic Medicine (CFDMP) from Functional Medicine Universit