Saliva Hormone Testing is comprehensive hormonal testing for men and women through saliva analysis. WHO (World Health Organization) has determined that this the most accurate physiological assessment of hormonal function. Most labs only test four samples/day. However, we test five samples/day to assure even greater accuracy.

Effective for dysmenorrhea, pre and post-menopausal disorders and anti-aging. Hormones target all tissues in the body. Imbalances influence memory, IQ, cognitive abilities, weight, digestion, skin, hair, libido, etc. It is an important aspect of wellness care. Natural transdermal hormonal replacement products are available, utilizing liposome technology. This is a vital tool to help achieve functional longevity.

The test is as easy as spitting in a straw. This is invaluable information for anyone who has a chronic or significant health problem or simply wants to look and feel younger.

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(c)Kelly Miller, DC NMD FASA FBAARM CFMP*, health coach consulatnat for Hoffman Clinic for Optimal Health.

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